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Travel To Egypt operated by Fayed Travel

Travel to Egypt is powered by Fayed travel which was founded in 1954. It is considered to be one of the first travel agencies in Egypt and a leading company in the field of tourism. Fayed has more than 66 years experience in operating epic Egypt tours and Nile river cruise.  The idea of making a separated website that targets online customers, but originally operate by Fayed travel was generated by Mohamed Fayed, one of the company owners. 

One of our main proprieties is the safety of our clients. Every step of reservation with us is insured. Fayed travel is licensed from Egypt travel agent’s association and fully trusted by the ministry of tourism And We are IATA member.

Each one
of our team is experienced and involved in making positively guest services.
Our operation team has one goal in mind which is offering the widest collection
possible of Egypt tours, Nile river cruise, day tours and even Egypt and Jordan

We don’t want customers to go through the
ridiculous overprices situations. So, we have provided a whole separate
category for Egypt budget tours with very affordable prices and high quality
services. Moreover, we specially organize Luxury tours and VIP packages for our
elite clients with amazing features.  

We offer various essential and free travel
services within the packages like free WIFI access, mobile device with local
SIM cards, free international minutes and much more. If you browsed through our
website, you will find "customize your trip" service for those who
want to make up their own holidays and set up their favorite destinations by
themselves with the help of our operation team. Customize your trip is also an
amazing way to save some money and still be able to go on your dream holiday.    


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