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Queens Of Egypt

  • 18 July 2019
Some thinks that feminist and defending women's rights is new trend or some movement that appeared in the 20th century. In fact, the case is deeper and goes way back to thousands of years ago, when ancient Egyptian women fought to rule Egypt as rightful queens to the heir, trying so hard to prove themselves and rule the country as pharaohs. Equality between men and women concept was not accepted in antiquity and through ancient history. They thought that women cannot be qualified and rati...
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Egypt's Languages

  • 04 July 2019
Egypt has been through a lot of periods and eras with different cultures, traditions and religions. If you looked on the overall Egyptian history, you will find that Egypt started with the pharaonic dynasties that created Hieroglyphic language, one of the oldest recorded languages ever, date back for about 3400 B.C. the hieroglyphic language developed through the long Egyptian history and took many form. However, hieroglyphic survived and remain spoken until the 17th A.D century in the fo...
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