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Mummification in ancient Egypt

  • 25 September 2019
Who haven’t heard about the Egyptian ancient civilization! It plowed the world's mind and left everyone in awe when its elements were discovered for the first time one by another. The ancient Egyptians broke all the rules and made what was thought to be humanly possible seven thousand years ago, when they built the first stone structure in the world "Sakkara" and the great three pyramids. This was only the beginning of something bigger and greater, for an extraordinary civilized world. Th...
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King Tutankhamun | Tutankhamun treasure

  • 12 September 2019
The beginning of the Egyptian history lies on the formation of the Nile valley followed by the union of lower and upper Egypt by king Narmer and establishing the first of 31 dynasties. The glorious history of Egypt started from this point passing by amazing periods and thriving regions of popular figures pharaohs and queens like Ramses, Ahmus, Hatshepsut and more. The pharaohs left behind them unforgettable legacy and hidden treasures, and we are not only speaking of material treasures. W...
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Egyptian mythology facts

  • 02 September 2019
Egyptian religion inspired other cultures with its central concepts of the afterlife journey and eternity. Every aspect of the Egyptians life was related to their gods and there was many gods to suit the taste of everyone, there was always a place for new gods. With more than 50 god, the ancient Egyptians conquered the world with their religious beliefs and even foreign invaders, like Alexander the great, who were so influenced and impacted by these mythologies in a way that led some of t...
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