Jerash City Festival

  • 15 January 2019
Jerash city festival, Two thousand years ago, the trade routes of middle eastern and western lands were born, the city of Jerash and Petra , tremendous troupes and migrations from all over the Arab peninsula and the Roman empire rushed into the city of Jerash for trading and culture exchanging, such a city combined between more than one culture and civilization has much to impress the world with. The glory of history indicated in two week-long festival of culture and art begins from the e...
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Jerash City | Best Places At Jerash City

  • 08 January 2019
Jerash city is located north of Jordan kingdom with more than 237,000 population , the city is divided with the golden river linking the west and east some roman bridges. Jerash is one of the most preserved Roman architectural sites in the world outside Italy until this day, the streets are still colonnaded , bathrooms, theaters, public squares and fountains are in exceptional condition. Within the city's remaining walls, archaeologists have found ruins of settlements dating back to the Ne...
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Petra City| Petra City Attractions

  • 31 December 2018
Petra city is an archaeological historical city located south of the Jordan kingdom once known as the red rose city for its red colored mountain rocks, the city of Petra well known for its archaeological architectures carved into the mountain and was founded in 312 B.C. as a capital for the Nabataea kingdom thrived through ages as major regional trading hub. The lost city of Petra remained uncovered through the ottoman empire until the Swiss Johan Ludwig Burkhart discovered it in 1918, no...
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Dining like a pharaoh: Traditional Egyptian Food

Egypt is considered as one of the magical countries that are most probably on the bucket list of places to visit to most of the travelers. Beside the very well-known monuments like the giza pyramids and the red sea there is also the Traditional Egyptian Food that we consider as a reason for you to visit this country to try dinning like a pharaoh. Dinning Like A Pharaoh All the ancient history makes Egypt’s cuisine is what it is today. With each and every civilization that has pas...
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