Alexandria Attractions

Alexandria city "home of the Greek roman mythologies", the flawless city where every corner witnesses the greatness of Greek roman and pharaonic cultures at the same time, the city maintains irresistible monuments for archaeology fans, our travel to Egypt agency as usual is one step ahead offering you some incredible packages all over Alexandria attractions, organizing tours to Qaitbay citadel , the roman theatre , pompey's pillar, catacombs of kom El shoqafa , bibliotheca Alexandria ,Al-montazah palace garden , the Greek roman museum and many worth visiting for history addicts.  

Alexandria City

Alexandria city was the old capital of Egypt located on the white sea cost and it has the most large Harbours in the country, 80% of the whole imports and exports passes the city, was founded by the great Alexander in 332 B.C. by filling up part of the water which separates between Phar...
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Alexandria Library

Bibliotheca Alexandria the Alexandria library which presented knowledge for over 600 years until it was burn in the third century, it has a religious purpose for once it was mainly designed as a temple held many rare manuscripts, the new library of Alexandria renovation was in 2002 coasted about 200 million $, designed by a Norwegian architect, this article will discuss the ancient bibliotheca and the new version of the library as they both share the same heritage and knowledge. The ...
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Citadel Of Qaitbay

Citadel of Qaitbay located in the island of pharos western of Alexandria city , was built on the old lighthouse location after it was destroyed by the earth wake , the citadel of Alexandria was named after sultan Ashraf Qaitbay  who wanted to protect Alexandria city from the ottoman empire direct threats . Qaitbay citadel is one of top attractions in Alexandria city for its historic value and important position,you can visit the citadel with our travel to Egypt agency Egypt tours...
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Catacombs Of Kom El Shoqafa

Egypt's history is complicated and detailed with so much monarchs and royal dynasties. At the end of ancient Egyptian kingdom, ruled the Ptolemaic dynasties whom were originally Roman emperors ruled as pharaohs of Egypt, and some of them got married from Egyptian royals.The Ptolemaic or known as the Greco Roman period took Alexandria as the capital and left in Roman sites and monuments stand out until this day. Pommpey's pillar, the Greco Roman museum and the catacombs of kom El shoqaf...
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