Alexandria Attractions

Alexandria city "home of the Greek roman mythologies", the flawless city where every corner witnesses the greatness of Greek roman and pharaonic cultures at the same time, the city maintains irresistible monuments for archaeology fans, our travel to Egypt agency as usual is one step ahead offering you some incredible packages all over Alexandria attractions, organizing tours to Qaitbay citadel , the roman theatre , pompey's pillar, catacombs of kom El shoqafa , bibliotheca Alexandria ,Al-montazah palace garden , the Greek roman museum and many worth visiting for history addicts.  

Pompey's Pillar

The Greco Roman culture played a significant rule in forming Egypt's ancient history. The Roman invasions started step by step in a time Egyptians and Romans were the dominating forces in the world. Alexandria city were founded by Alexander the great in 332 B.C when he conquered Egypt and declared himself a pharaoh chosen by Egyptian deities. From this moment the Greco Roman culture started to sneak into the Egyptian's introducing culture fusion. The Greeks were very influenced by the Egy...
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The Roman amphitheatre of Alexandria

Alexandria  was founded by Alexander the great in 332 B.C on the site of old fishing village. It has thrived for more than 500 years and was the capital city of Egypt during important eras. Greek scholars and philosophers visited Alexandria in order to learn more about the Egyptian culture that admired the whole world. Under the Ptolemaic rule, they set many roads to connect the city with the surrounded harbors and islands, and also built many construction that are regarded recently a...
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The Graeco Roman museum

Egypt felt in the hand of Roman during the last Queen of Egypt reign of Cleopatra when Caesar besieged the city in 48 B.C. Cleopatra wasn't a pure Egyptian, here family ascended from the Greek blood line, and as we all know, her family (the Ptolemaic dynasty) were originally Greeks. Caesar ended the Ptolemaic dynasty which lasted for three centuries and caused a huge fire in the city of Alexandria that was a communication centre between the west and East. The fire burned down the old bibl...
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