Cairo Attractions

Cairo attractions, Cairo is the city that never sleeps famous with its magical nights between the shores of the Nile or on its traditional coffee shops. This city considered the iconic city of Africa with the huge traffic of commercial and economic activities; it's not only the capital of Egypt but of the entire middle east. most of travel to Egypt packages start from Cairo for being the first station for any Egypt tour.

The city is characterized by its historical sites and old gates that dates back to the Islamic era as well archeological places dates o the pharaonic era. In Addition, the city has the largest open air bazaars ever called khan al khalili bazaar with 600 years old. Cairo combines between unique mixture of pharaonic culture and religious features shown in its old churches, mosques.

the Citadel of Sala El Din, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas, Mohamed Ali mosque, the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the Sayyida Zeinab Mosque, the Hanging Church and other landmarks.


Cairo museum of Islamic art

Egypt has witnessed the early rise of the Christian era. In fact, the country was a shelter where the holy family took refuge in some places erected now as popular monasteries and churches. After the Christian Coptic period, the Islamic conquest happened in 642 A.D, and Egypt was declared officially as Islamic country and should use Arabic as its official language. However, the Christians religion and Coptic culture remained still in Egypt, and the churches rang their bells every Sunday. ...
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Mohamed Ali mosque

Egypt witnessed the Islamic conquest in 642 A.D. by the Islamic leader Amr bin al-as who built his own mosque. Since then, Egypt became crowded by mosques were built during different eras; Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Mamluks and Ottoman. Each period of them left significant mosques with amazing architectural Islamic style. Cairo is now known as "the city of thousand minarets" for hosting countless number of mosques among them is Mo...
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The hanging church

Egypt has played a significant rule in spreading Christianity in the Middle East region and housed important churches. The beginnings of Christianity in Egypt date back to the beginning of the Christianity itself. The religion was brought to Egypt by Saint Mark during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, in the first century. Saint Mark founded the church in Alexandria which was a center for the priests to live and teach others Christians. Some places in Egypt were shelter for the hol...
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Dahshur Pyramids | the bent Pyramid and the red Pyramid

Between all ancient Egyptian marvelous structures and historical objects, the pyramids have the most lasting and most effective impression. Pyramids were made in the sake of burying their owner's insides the inner chambers. Common Egyptian people and their rulers (pharaohs) believed that the man will be resurrected again with all of his possessions and treasures he owned in Life, and that's why pharaoh's built themselves pyramids and tombs to proceed their afterlife journey. Many books we...
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