Luxor Attractions

Luxor is the city of wonders and cultures its roots extended to the depth of history, the city witnessed the greatness of first Egyptians who created the origins of art and knowledge thousand of years ago , the city also considered to be an open university teaching the principles of humanity for all human kinds through different  centuries .Luxor city  was the center of Amon Raa worship and all the priests gathered to dedicate the temples for their god, it is well known for famous Luxor attractions on each bank, the east side has Luxor and karnak temple while the west  characterized by the funeral temples like Hatshepsut temple, the tombs graved underground to hide the king's treasures from thieves such as the valley of kings and queens ,there's also the colossi of memnon and some museums like Luxor museum and the mummification museum .       



Dendera Temple | Abydos Temple

Discover north of Luxor and visit the well preserved temples of Dendera and Abydos with their well retained visible colors. Abydos was the pilgrimage center of the ancient Egyptian kingdom and it used to contain some burials of the first and second dynasties for being the afterlife gate according the Egyptians believes .the temple of Abydos belonged to the king Seti the first of the 19th dynasty, but he was dead before it was all finished , so his son Ramses the second completed...
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Valley Of The Queens

Ancient Egyptian had really special believes about the afterlife journeys, and that one's life doesn't end with merely death, because he will face a whole different new life amongst gods. According to those believes, they decided to immortalize their bodies and memories by mummification and keep them in safe place far from the violation hands and thieves. With this in mind, pyramids were built for these functions, but unfortunately, they weren’t that save for pharaohs treasures and jewelr...
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Colossi of Memnon

Luxor city is the hosting home for most of the pharaonic Egyptian monuments. The city with its two banks are enrich with history and legacy that date back to thousands of years. Luxor was the chosen city by ancient Egyptian kings to be the capital during the middle and new kingdom, and to be settle of their temples, tombs commemorating statues. among them is the colossi of Memnon which is located on the west bank, and belongs to king Amenhoteb III from the 18th dynasty.   Colos...
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The valley of the nobles

The definition of Tomb is a closed space to keep the dead in with their possessions. Ancient Egyptians made their tombs more significant and architectural by painting colored scenes on the walls and dividing the tomb into chambers. A tomb mere purpose is maintaining the dead remains, and Egyptians were really district when it comes to their dead because they believed in the afterlife. The most elaborated tombs were build in ancient history were by the ancient Egyptians, especially the one...
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