African Cup Of Nations 2019

Egypt started to lunch preparations for the African cup of nations 2019 edition, it is a hard challenge for any country to organize such full of life event in only several months, giving Egypt the honor of hosting AFCON 2019 is a great sign of confidence from FIFA. Egypt gained 16 voices against one which shows the awareness that Egypt has experience in mass tourism and will get thorough any difficulties might be facing the organizers. as per preparations ,pitches, the affiliate building of the stadiums and fans exit and entry were inspected to ensure safety for audience and the participating teams .in addition of the plans that had been drawn up for the enhancement work needed to upgrade stadiums to be able to maintain the largest capacity within the next three months .

African cup of nations 2019

this year the African cup of nations will be held from June to July in Egypt according to CAF executive committee decision in 2017. it is the first time that the confederation of African football CAF delays the competition which was supposed to began from January to February, it will also be the first time to expand the competition from 16 to 24 teams. the 23th edition of the African cup of nations was estimated to be host by Cameroon ,but it was stripped of the hosting position because of some political issues in the country known as Anglophone crisis and Egypt was chosen by CAF to be the hosting nation of the tournament.


Egypt's preparations for AFCON 2019

Egypt has such joy for organizing such an important event but it's huge responsibility of 4-5 months of hard work .the sports minister Ashraf Sobhi and all the officials will have supreme committee to be set up for introducing high standers opening ceremony and matches which will probably take place in Cairo international stadium. The stadium was renovated in before the previous edition of the African cup of nations in 2006 and has a capacity of 74,000 spectators. In a statement of the football federation president Hani Abu Rida said that he is sure that Egypt will deliver a tournament would make the nation proud. Authorities have already chosen eight ready stadiums all over the capitals of Egypt Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia and Suez to stage the matches in. other press sources declarations said that such a heavy tourism country like Egypt is used to handle huge events easily and professionally, the country has two international airports, global hotels and network connecting between the cities.


African cup of nations 2019 tours  


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