General information about Egypt which you will need it before traveling and will help you a lot

Quick Facts

Official name: Arab Republic of EgyptArea: 1,001,450 sq km (391,191 sq miles)Capital: CairoPopulation: 99,375,741Urban population: 38,491,949Population in 1960: 26,996,533Official Language: Modern Standard ArabicSpoken Language: Egyptian Arabic Widespread spoken foreigner languages: English, French Time: GMT + 2Electricity: 220 volts / 50 HzServices & Government Offices: Government offices, including post offices, are open from 8:00...
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Geography and Climate in Egypt

Geography and climate of Egypt can be confusing, while It's cold and wet in Alexandria, it can be extremely hot in Aswan but in general Egypt weather dry cold in the winter and hot at the summer days with a little of dusty wind on the fall, you'll find the country has land borders Libya to the west ,Sudan to the south, Palestine to the north east ,northern border by the white sea coast and the red sea coast by the eastern borders....
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How to know if the company is licensed or not?

Before travelling to Egypt we recommend making sure, that the travel agency of your choice is licencedKindly visit the governmental website of The Egyptian Travel Agents Association here in the name of the company in the search bar If the company is licensed you will find its profile with all required details in the search result that contains license number, contact details, owner details and other. If you did not find a result for the company, th...
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Avoid fraud during your trip to Egypt

According to the Egyptian law, any Egypt travel agency should be licensed from the ministry of tourism and the Egyptian travel agency association. before you book your travel to Egypt tour make sure that the company you are dealing with is fully trusted and licensed by the official authorities to avoid any abuse or cheating during your trip. the question is how can you get abused by illegal travel agencies? the Egyptian travel agency association insures you that your money transactions an...
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