Luxor Attractions

Luxor is the city of wonders and cultures its roots extended to the depth of history, the city witnessed the greatness of first Egyptians who created the origins of art and knowledge thousand of years ago , the city also considered to be an open university teaching the principles of humanity for all human kinds through different  centuries .Luxor city  was the center of Amon Raa worship and all the priests gathered to dedicate the temples for their god, it is well known for famous Luxor attractions on each bank, the east side has Luxor and karnak temple while the west  characterized by the funeral temples like Hatshepsut temple, the tombs graved underground to hide the king's treasures from thieves such as the valley of kings and queens ,there's also the colossi of memnon and some museums like Luxor museum and the mummification museum .       



Luxor Temple in Luxor City

The city of Luxor is located in the south of Egypt on the east bank of the river with 450,000 population, there's some families belong to the dynasties of the pharaohs living in Luxor until this day, most of the citizens work at farming especially (sugar cane farming ), artworks, stone and metalwork beside the touristic traffic of the city, it has dry warm climate in winter, very hot days in summer and rarely if you saw falling rain or cloudy weather .the city of Luxor similar to an open a...
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Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

Karnak is the biggest temple complex in the world, covering an area of 100 hectares and there is nowhere more impressive to the first-time visitor. Much of it has been restored during the last century and our knowledge of the buildings here in different periods of Egyptian history is still increasing each year. In ancient times, Karnak was known as Ipet-isut, ‘The most select of places’. Karnak Temple interior design The temples are built along two axes (east-west and north-south...
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Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor

The mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut of Dynasty XVIII was built just north of the Middle Kingdom temple of Mentuhotep Nebhepetre in the bay of cliffs known as Deir el-Bahri. In ancient times the temple was called Djeser-djeseru, meaning the ‘sacred of sacred’. It was undoubtedly influenced by the style of the earlier temple at Deir el-Bahri, but Hatshepsut’s construction surpassed anything which had been built before both in its architecture and its beautiful carved reliefs. The female...
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Valley Of The Kings

The Valley of the Kings is the most famous concentration of royal tombs; its main purpose was to secure the royal tombs for the pharaohs of the new kingdom since the pyramids disappointed them to protect their royal treasures from thieves and desecration. The pyramids was the traditional burials for the royals and priests sited near the city of Memphis but it was more exposed to robbery and occupation, especially during the Hyksos invasion, so they had to figure out another way to create ...
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