Hurghada Day Tours

If you are looking for a prime escape destination during winter with white sand beaches, blue sky, and clear water, Hurghada city is the place to go. Hurghada was once a small fishing town, but since the government discovered the exotic red sea world; it became a worldwide resort and tourism destination for diving. Hurghada day tours would be a perfect option for beach vacations around the year. Even in winter, you can still enjoy the beach with a warm climate on the red sea shores. Hurghada excursions mostly include water trips like diving, snorkeling, submarine trip, or beach sports, but there are also desert camps and safaris in the magical charming desert in of Sinai Peninsula. Travel to Egypt is organizing day trips to Cairo and Luxor cities  From Hurghada to discover the amazing cultural and historical sites that usually included in Egypt tours.
there is a lot of things to do in Hurghada. so, make sure to check our blog in which we have mentioned some popular activities. Giftun Island is one of the most popular Hurghada day tours. you can reach coral reef on the surface without deep diving, and lay over the white sand. the jeep safari is also a popular Hurghada day tours in which you will enjoy dune bashing by jeep, have BBQ dinner, drive a quad bike, and ride camels around the Bedouin villages.

We have made a whole category for Hurghada sightseeing tours inside Hurghada and to the rest of Egypt's main capitals. visit the pharaonic legacy in the temple and tombs of the valley of the kings, Karnak temple, and Hatshepsut temple. Step by the streets of Cairo and visit the Egyptian museum, khan al kahili bazaar, and the three pyramids of Giza.
Hurghada was ranked between the top 3 best diving sites worldwide, and that’s what makes diving and snorkeling are the most requested amongst Hurghada excursions and Hurghada sightseeing tours. The red sea is known for its coral reef gardens and rare fish species beside sea turtles and shipwrecks that date back to world war II. Check out the listed Hurghada day tours below, and put your mind that you can customize your own.