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Travel to Egypt encourages its clients to live the travel experience through cultural perspective, and that’s will not be achieved by only visiting the touristic sites in Egypt, but also by knowing more about its traditions, customs, and daily life practices. Here in our blog, you will find updated news and information about Egyptians lifestyles, and we will cover in-depth different aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Egypt is a unique, sun drenched country with mysterious history, Travel To Egypt Offering Egypt Tour Packages to explore the gleaming finds of Egypt.

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modern Egypt

Shoroq Samir04 Jan 2020

The differentiation of verifiable layers that range from Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, Islamic traditions to the advanced history of Egypt is the thing that you...

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top 3 itineraries for Nil river cruise

Shoroq Samir25 Dec 2019

e always make sure to bring Egypt to you in the most outstanding way by operating one-of-a-kind Egypt Nile cruise packages and making your trip easier by all means. In our opinion,...

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Christmas in Egypt

Shoroq Samir20 Nov 2019

Egypt is a perfect destination in seasonal holidays for having many capital cities with countless attractions. Spend a worm and golden Christmas by the pyramids instead of staying...

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Grand Egyptian museum opening

Shoroq Samir14 Nov 2019

It is a shame not to take care of 7000 years old civilization of ancient Egypt. It has to be organized in chronological sequence and displayed in most fascinating way ever. The Egy...

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Mummification in ancient Egypt

Shoroq Samir25 Sep 2019

Who haven’t heard about the Egyptian ancient civilization! It plowed the world's mind and left everyone in awe when its elements were discovered for the first time one by...

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King Tutankhamun | Tutankhamun treasure

Shoroq Samir12 Sep 2019

The beginning of the Egyptian history lies on the formation of the Nile valley followed by the union of lower and upper Egypt by king Narmer and establishing the first of 31 dynast...

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Egyptian mythology facts

Shoroq Samir02 Sep 2019

Egyptian religion inspired other cultures with its central concepts of the afterlife journey and eternity. Every aspect of the Egyptians life was related to their gods and there wa...

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Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Shoroq Samir26 Aug 2019

Egypt is a heavy mass tourism country that receives millions of tourists every year for being rich with historical attractions and the host of the oldest civilization in Existence....

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Queens Of Egypt

Shoroq Samir18 Jul 2019

Some thinks that feminist and defending women's rights is new trend or some movement that appeared in the 20th century. In fact, the case is deeper and goes way back t...

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Egypt's Languages

Shoroq Samir04 Jul 2019

Egypt has been through a lot of periods and eras with different cultures, traditions and religions. If you looked on the overall Egyptian history, you will find that Egypt started...

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Nature Reserves In Egypt

Shoroq Samir17 Jun 2019

Egypt hosts different environments from sea to desert. The country has two deserts, the western and the eastern, one peninsula of Sinai and two sea coasts of the red sea and M...

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Opera Aida Verdi | Opera Aida In Egypt

Shoroq Samir27 Feb 2019

Verdi opera or as it is called opera Aida is an international event held in the capital cities of Egypt with a different theme. If you are passionate about classic art, opera and t...

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African Cup Of Nations 2019

Shoroq Samir30 Jan 2019

Egypt started to lunch preparations for the African cup of nations 2019 edition, it is a hard challenge for any country to organize such full of life event in only several months,...

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Jerash City Festival

Shoroq Samir15 Jan 2019

Jerash city festival, Two thousand years ago, the trade routes of middle eastern and western lands were born, the city of Jerash and Petra , tremendous troupes and migrat...

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Jerash City | Best Places At Jerash City

Shoroq Samir08 Jan 2019

erash city is located north of Jordan kingdom with more than 237,000 population , the city is divided with the golden river linking the west and east some roman bridges. Jeras...

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Petra City| Petra City Attractions

Shoroq Samir31 Dec 2018

Petra city is an archaeological historical city located south of the Jordan kingdom once known as the red rose city for its red colored mountain rocks, the city of Petra well known...

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Dining like a pharaoh: Traditional Egyptian Food

Shoroq Samir24 Oct 2018

Egypt is considered as one of the magical countries that are most probably on the bucket list of places to visit most travelers. Besides the very well-known monuments like the ...

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Egypt in Words

Shoroq Samir24 Oct 2018

Planning for your dream trip to the land of the pharaohs the land of secrets and magic, and want to walk like a pharaoh? then you need to know and gather up some information&n...

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