Cairo Attractions

Cairo attractions, Cairo is the city that never sleeps famous with its magical nights between the shores of the Nile or on its traditional coffee shops. This city considered the iconic city of Africa with the huge traffic of commercial and economic activities; it's not only the capital of Egypt but of the entire middle east.

The city is characterized by its attractions like historical sites and old gates that dates back to the Islamic era as well archeological places dates o the pharaonic era, in Addition the city has the largest open air bazaars ever. Cairo combines between cool mixture of pharaonic culture and religious features shown in its old churches, mosques.

the Citadel of Sala El Din, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas, the Grand Mosque of Al Azhar, the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the Sayyida Zeinab Mosque, the Hanging Church, the National Library and Archives, Opera house and other landmarks.


cairo city

Cairo city is the largest city and the capital of the republic of Egypt, it's almost 400 Km square and its population is 20 million according to updated survey, it takes the second place in Africa and the seventeenth in the world in terms of population.   International organizations Cairo is also base to many regional and international organizations such as the League of Arab States and the regional offices of WHO, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United N...
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The Pyramids Of Giza

The first remarkable place may come up to your mind when you hear about Giza or Cairo city is the pyramids of Giza those enormous man-made structures were built thousand of years ago to the pharaohs of the kingdom to protect their bodies from vanishing. Ancient Egyptians where seeking immortality so between 2630 and 1640 B.C. they started building these massive tombs in the shape of pyramids to save their deceased corps .Pyramids Of Giza were mainly constructed for architectural and relig...
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Egyptian Museum

 The Egyptian museum destination can't be missed when you travel to Egypt, it's one of the largest and most famous international museum designed by the French architect Marcel Dornun in 1835 but then it was removed to its current location (tahrer square) for many reasonEgyptian Museum Collections  the museum contains more than (120,000_150,000) antiques among them the pharaoh's collections and treasures found in the king's graves. If you are interested to discover t...
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Coptic Museum

it is hard to find this rare combination of the ancient history and religious domination whether its Christian or Islamic in one country. the Coptic museum was built mainly to collect the artifacts and stones from all the Monasteries of Egypt in one place.  Coptic Museum the museum houses 16000 items involves stone works, wood works, and metal works Read More