Luxor city is mainly located on the two banks of the Nile, south Egypt. The city has important historical significance for being the capital of ancient Egypt during  the 16th–11th centuries B.C after Memphis.  Luxor was called as Thebes and was divided by the Nile bank. The East bank, priests believed it was for worshipping gods and devoting sanctuary temple for deities. Luxor excursions on East bank include all the worshipping temples that were dedicated to Amun Ra', God of the sun. while the ancient Egyptians and priests believed that the east bank was for the hidden powers of gods, the West bank was as the afterlife gate, and where all the funerary temples tombs took place. Luxor day trips will introduce you both to the west and East banks. You can have each of them on separate Luxor Excursions, or you can combine both banks attractions in the same Luxor sightseeing trips. Today,  the city is featured by huge surviving ancient monuments and archaeological sites like Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple and The royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Luxor day tours include many more attractions, like Hatshepsut temple and the colossi of  Memnon. Travel to Egypt as a leading travel agency is making sure to organize the Luxor Day Tour that includes all the sightseeing mentioned to give you such a wonderful lifetime experience. There are things to do in Luxor beside visiting the marvelous Pharaonic temples, like air balloon trip that allows you to view Luxor in a picturesque scene.