Red Sea Cities

The chain of red tinted mountains along the coast reflecting its color on the sea water inspired mariners from iniquities to name the sea, the mare rostrum or the red sea. the coast extending from Suez Gulf to the Sudanese borders displaying all kinds of maritime life and deserts environment. tourists from all over the world come to the red sea cities not only for beach vacations and diving activities, but to explore the deserts, valleys and Bedouin nights. among the red sea cities, the most famous are Hurghada and sharm al sheikh where you'll find some religious destinations from early Christian period. If you are into deep sea diving activities, then this is definitely your place where you'll spot over 800 rare fish species, exotic coral reefs settlements. Travel to Egypt as tourism agency will make sure to arrange you Egypt tours  that include red sea diving trips to the best resorts of Sharm El Sheikh city and Hurghada city.        

Hurghada City | Things To Do In Hurghada

The city of Hurghada is considered to be one of the best resorts extending for 40 km on the red sea coast, it used be a small village counting on fishing and local farming, but at the early of 20th century, the Egyptian government shade the attention on the city for its geographic importance and for being a wonderful sea resort. some renovations and investments were done in 1980, and the name of "Hurghada city" came after a plant grew naturally in the surrounding areas. you may recognize ...
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Sharm El Sheikh City

Red sea coast cities have always been the center of attention for Scuba divers and beach vacation lovers all around the world. On top of them is Sharm El Sheikh city which is located in the Eastern North of Egypt  with very low population and very wonderful marine life that. Sharm El Sheikh city was nothing but small fishing town until 1968 when the Egyptian government  realized how the this small own rich of fantastic sandy beach, great weather and rare marine life. Now the cit...
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Marsa Alam City | Activities To Do In Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam city is stretching along the isolated south coast of the red sea.The area is crowded with luxury exclusive resorts and regular standards hotels for those who are on Budget as well. Marsa Alam city is the perfect place for peaceful and quite vacation and it is also perfect for divers for having top diving sites in the world. The red sea town hosts wonderful marine life, the stunning bay of Abu Dababa is home for sea turtles and dugongs beside the warmest sea and coral re...
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Sinai Peninsula | Things to do in Sinai

  Sinai Peninsula is one of northeastern Egypt iconic geographical site. The triangular formation is located between Aqabaa and Suez gulfs of the red sea and creates a land bridge between the Asian and African continents. The peninsula is occupying 61.000 squares Km and divided into two governorates south Sinai and North Sinai. The peninsula had been inhabitant since prehistoric times and was a...
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