Aswan Attractions

"the pearl of the Nile"  that’s how the charming city of Aswan called , which enjoys the beauty on the banks of the Nile and characterized by the charm of nature in the far south of Egypt

 It is also seen in the beauty of the Nile River, where rocks, sand and greenery lie on the banks of the Nile Valley, in addition to the brightly colored Nubian houses, along with the spread of green gardens, museums and archaeological temples on both sides of the Blue Nile

Aswan attractions have been able to attract the attention of millions annually to both inside Egypt and from all over the world, which has increased the rates of tourist inflow. Aswan not only characterized by the beauty of Nile islands and nature but also rich of pharaonic monuments such as Abu simbel temple, Philae temple , the high dam ,horus temple and kom ombo temple


Aswan City Information

Aswan is a Nubian city in the south of Egypt located on the east bank of the Nile river connected to Cairo with train stations, railways and domestic flights,its the population almost about 900,000, The city of Aswan is about 85 meters above sea level, it is 879 km from Cairo, and its area about 34,608 km2. Aswan CityThe city also known as the land of gold because it was like a huge necropolis for the pharaohs and their treasures for thousands of years. The originals of Aswan are the N...
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Philae The Sacred Isis Temple

Philae, The Pearl of Egypt, was a beautiful island surrounded by clear blue water and black granite boulders.The nearby island of bigger, the southernmost site in Egypt proper, contained the (Burial place) of Osiris, an unapproachable sanctum within a sacred grove. Sacred Isis Temple History- Isis the sister and devoted spouse of Osiris, dwelt in the temple pf Philae according to the ritual, Isis would visit her husband on special occasions, travelling the short distance in her sacr...
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Abu Simbel Temple in Egypt

the two rock temples of Abu Simbel, mighty monuments of the "Builder Pharaoh" Ramesses II, are the southernmost on the soil of modern Egypt. In antiquity, the territory of Abu Simbel was part of Lower Nubia, among the whose conquered population the presence of the massive temples was intended to inspire the awe of Pharaoh's majesty. you can visit the temple during your E...
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Kom Ombo Temple

 Kom ombo temple was built 180 years ago (B.C)by the Ptolemaic dynasty during the Roman invasion, what's so special about the temple of Kom ombo that it stands right on the river bank between Edfu and Aswan which makes it a wonderful stop station for Nile cruises and a main highlight of Aswan attractions .the temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek the crocodile god and Haroeris (the falcon god Horus), it is weird for any Egyptian temple to be set up for two gods ,it's just unusua...
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