Cairo Day Tours

Cairo or as it is called "the mother of all cities" the capital of Egypt, the Islamic world and the largest urbanization icon of Africa, the priceless treasure of Pharaohs culture exists in every corner, masterpieces of Islamic and Coptic history also viewed the city's landmarks. Cairo excursions are very diverse, but we make sure to provide them all. You have Islamic Cairo day tours or Coptic day trips.   Our Cairo day trips will provide you a full, satisfying sightseeing of the Egyptian ancient history and modern Cairo. Starting from camel rides in the desert of Giza with the most significant cruises along the Nile river. Discover the oldest ancient civilization with us through the most important touristic destination which is the Egyptian museum, designed in 1896 and contains more than 150,000 antiques. We offer you Cairo sightseeing trips to expose  Pharaonic  civilization during your visits to Giza pyramids, Memphis, Sakkara. Moreover, Travel To Egypt Cairo day tours allow you to uncover the historical, religious side of Egypt, such as Mohamed Ali Mosque, the hanging church and Salah El-din citadel that considered to be one of the most iconic castles built in the middle ages.  Our Cairo day tours  guarantee you an amazing journey. you can have dinner with your friends and family while sailing for two hours or  discover old Cairo in city walk tours. there are a lot of things to do In Cairo and places to visit there that we have operated them all in Cairo sightseeing trips. 

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