Jerash City Festival

Jerash city festival, Two thousand years ago, the trade routes of middle eastern and western lands were born, the city of Jerash and Petra , tremendous troupes and migrations from all over the Arab peninsula and the Roman empire rushed into the city of Jerash for trading and culture exchanging, such a city combined between more than one culture and civilization has much to impress the world with. The glory of history indicated in two week-long festival of culture and art begins from the end of July until august.


Jerash City Festival

The festival includes folklore shows, symphony orchestra, Shakespearean theater, poetry and singers, all of these are performed in the archaeological sites of the roman theatre, colonnaded streets and the oval plaza. While the performance is taking place on the theatres of the cities, some visitors prefer to hang out in the ancient streets, shopping some handcrafts, touring in exhibitions and enjoying the great drama of the Greek culture and Arab orient,Moreover, Bedouin natives are taking the chance to promote for their handmade crafts of jewelry and Bedouin souvenirs .


The Inauguration of the festival

Seems like the Jordanian government wanted to guarantee the visitors unforgettable experience, the whole performances are set up on Roman monumental sites date back to the second and third century, highlighting the colonnade streets, the oval plaza and byzantine church, so definitely you'll not attend any festival which is better than this one , the founding of this cultural event was in 1981 by Queen Noor Al Hussien, it is now part of the foundation cultural programs and an exciting meeting for artists from all over the world.


The roman race and the archaeological museum

Romans back then were passionate about violence sports, millions and millions  of Romans would gather in theatres to watch gladiators fighting till death and chariots races, so the Jerash heritage company organized a life performance of Roman Army and chariot competing in seven rounds of the hippodrome of Jerash. one of the most important highlight of Jerash which cannot be missed when you visit the city, it is the archaeological museum which houses a fascinating collection of artifacts, coins and jewelries .don't forget to check Egypt and Jordan Tours category where we've organized tours to jerash