Dining like a pharaoh: Traditional Egyptian Food

Egypt is considered as one of the magical countries that are most probably on the bucket list of places to visit most travelers. Besides the very well-known monuments like the Giza pyramids and the red sea there is also the Traditional Egyptian Food that we consider as a reason for you to visit this country to try dinning like a pharaoh.


Dinning Like A Pharaoh 

Dinning Like A Pharaoh

 All the ancient history makes Egypt’s cuisine is what it is today. With each and every civilization that has passed throughout the Egyptian lands, it left its mark on the preparation process of the Egyptian dishes. Like most of the Middle Eastern countries the Egyptian culture's main focus is the gathering and celebrating with family and friends which is considered as a reason to prepare and have lots of delicious dishes on one table to satisfy all tastes.


Egyptian Traditional Food


here are some of the top traditional foods that every visitor should try at least once during their visit to the magical Egypt with the best travel agency in Egypt. Here you can read about Egyptian food starting from breakfast to dessert.


Ful Medammes

Ful Medames


The Egyptian beans or Ful as the local’s names it is one of the most comment traditional breakfasts in Egypt. Ful is made of fava beans that are well cooked with oil and salt. For preparation it should be soaked overnight and cooked for hours over a very low heat temperature. Some eat the Ful Medammes with scrambled eggs and some eat it with cheese bread.


Falafel ( Tameya)

The Falafel or Tameya is one of the main dishes that served for breakfast beside the Ful Medammes and eggs and Cheese. The Falafel is made from the Fava Beans after being soaked to soften then be crashed and added to it a green leaves and then the final step is to be fried in high temperature oil. 





Leaving the breakfast dishes and moving to the lunch dishes Koshary is one of the most popular must try dishes in Egypt. It is considered as a carbohydrate bomb due to the layering or rice and macaroni and chickpeas topped with caramelized onions and tomato sauce it’s such a mix yet its satisfactory and surprisingly delicious that we recommend it as one of the must try dishes.



Another carbohydrate bomb and one of the very well-known dishes is the one and only famous Mahshi. It is one of the recommended plates to the vegetarian travelers. It is consist of chosen vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes and cabbage leaves and eggplants that are stuffed with rise filling mixed with herbs that is also mixed with tomato sauce. Mahshi is a must dish that you have to try when you are in Egypt you will fall in love with such unique dish.





Molokhia is one of the main dishes that it’s a must to try and one of the favorites to the Egyptian locals. It’s like a soup that is made up of leafy green that is cut into tiny pieces that is cooked with chicken soup or seafood that is mixed with fried garlic. Molokhia generally served either with rice or bread in addition to the chicken or the shrimps. Molokhia is loved due to the packed benefits that it does hold like the vitamins such as iron and potassium and Vitamin C and B6.



Fattah goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt and one of the dishes that is remarkable during the feasts it’s a must in each and every Egyptian house during festivals and feasts. Fattah is well known as number one main dish during the first day of the Islamic Feast (Eid Al Adha) its consists of crispy bread, rice meat and vinegar plus the tomato sauce. Although it’s a simple dish it is satisfying and you won’t be disappointed.


Roz Bel Laban

Moving to the desserts section we will find the one and only Roz Bel Laban or in another words Rice Pudding. It consists of rice and milk and sometimes cream with sugar topped with pistachio pieces. A simple and satisfying dessert that everyone loves!



Finally we have the queen of the Egyptian Desserts it’s loved by all because it can take you easily to another place it’s the one and only Konafa. It’s made of shredded konafa pieces that is filled with cream and finally topped with syrup. It’s considered as one of the top demanded dessert during the Holy Month of Ramadan. It will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth and win your heart and soul truly it deserve the name of the queen of the Egyptian desserts, you must asking to try it when you travel to Egypt