Marsa Alam City | Activities To Do In Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam city is stretching along the isolated south coast of the red sea.The area is crowded with luxury exclusive resorts and regular standards hotels for those who are on Budget as well. Marsa Alam city is the perfect place for peaceful and quite vacation and it is also perfect for divers for having top diving sites in the world. 

The red sea town hosts wonderful marine life, the stunning bay of Abu Dababa is home for sea turtles and dugongs beside the warmest sea and coral reef gardens.

Travel to Egypt company had already arranged package that include top highlights of Cairo city and Marsa Alam. if interested, go check Cairo and Marsa Alam budget holiday. the red sea cities are summer paradise, so that's why we have included them in Egypt budget tours and Egypt tours categories to meet with our clients demands  . 

Marsa Alam city  

Marsa Alam turned from small fishing town to diving center and famous sea resort. The city became known globally receiving tourists from all over the world. It also has international airport in the north called Marsa Alam airport which receives European and domestic flights that added development to the city. The villages of Marsa Alam still untouched, its beaches and natural beauty is well preserved. Here are some of the top activities that you can enjoy in the city of Marsa Alam.  


Activities to do in Marsa Alam

Swimming with the dolphins

One of most Marsa Alam fun places is Staya Island, also known as Dolphin house. The Island is a perfect trip for family and kids. You will start your day trip at early morning; your guide will take you by private A\C bus and drive for about two hours from the resort to the island. You will be sailing to an area where Dolphins sightings are common, these friendly creature are usually settles away from crowded spots with boats and people. Have venture and unforgettable experience and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. these king of day trips usually include lunch on board and boat staff at your service during the trip. You 'll also get to capture coral reefs and colorful fishes on your way back to your resort, or you can sail to snorkeling and diving sea area to spot more expanded gardens of coral reefs.


Fishing and kite surfing

Marsa Alam city has the most peaceful beaches. The best way to do kite surfing is by choosing a quite beach on the edge of Marsa desert and far away from mass tourism. You can find such a place easily since the city represent paradise beaches for water sports. Kite surfing is suitable for beginners. you don't have to be an expert  doing stunning moves on the water, all you have to do is following easy basics and you'll be having great time and cheerful experience. Or you can go for sea fishing excursion and relax. Marsa Alam’s Sea is warm, calm and full with fishes around the year unlike other seas that are more seasonal.


Desert safari

You can take a quad bike, riding through the sand dunes and the charming desert of Marsa Alam and enjoy the sunset. Also, you can visit Bedouin village and find out how the Nomadic tribes live in Egypt's desert. Have a BBQ dinner and watch a folklore show at the village. Some day trips allow you to overnight in a Bedouin tent and some drive you back to the resort according to the day program. Don't forget to enjoy the small details in your Bedouin safari trip, like the Bedouin tea and coffee, or you can ride one of the Bedouin men camels.


Shopping tours

We highly recommend you for some retail therapy in the markets of Marsa Alam. The most popular shops and souvenirs stores are in Port Ghalib, 5 km away from the city international airport. it is full of gifts shops and bazaars selling Egyptian products and Bedouin style materials which will be an amazing way to remember your trip. you can buy Egyptian cottons, small statues, pharaonic antiques and Arabic style  jewelries. have a break and rest during your shopping tour on any of the local cafes there to enjoy Arabian Arabian coffee and shisha. We advise you to have your shopping tour in El Quseir as well. It is a historical town dates back to the pharaohs that has a tourist areas full of bazaars.

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