Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian museum destination can't be missed when you travel to Egypt, it's one of the largest and most famous international museum designed by the French architect Marcel Dornun in 1835 but then it was removed to its current location (tahrer square) for any reason


Egyptian Museum in Cairo


Egyptian Museum Collections 

the museum contains more than (120,000_150,000) antiques among them the pharaoh's collections and treasures found in the king's graves. If you are interested in discover the old Egyptian's lifestyle all you have to do is visiting the Egyptian museum which most of our Egypt travel packages provide. Travel by time to expose pharaoh's secrets From the simple tools used for cooking, farming and daily activities to the shiny golden royal artifacts, all will be found in the halls of the public museum. The museum involves pieces and items from prehistoric eras even before writing was discovered, the collection of Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertiti with all of her jewelry, golden bracelets and her famous head statue.


The Egyptian museum interior design 

The museum adopts a new style for displaying a wide range of artifacts. the chambers and antiques were arranged according to their subjects, the large statuses were settled on the ground floor and the funeral pieces were also arranged to the historical sequences on the upper floor. The museum is full of monuments and objects .you will be amazed by the interior design of the museum, the entrances of the halls more similar to the temples in its shape and you will be looking in every direction to catch all the details. 


The library and the mummies hall 

There is the library inside was founded since the opening of the Egyptian museum, currently consists of two floors, two reading halls and a publications store, it has more than 50,000 books all about the ancient cultures of Greek,  Roman and Egyptians and also has one of the rarest collections of maps and portrays. Upstairs you will find the mummies hall which displays the mummies  from the valley of kings and queens, ramsses |, seti ||, the young king tutankhamun found with all  of his funeral jewelry, treasures and the golden mask that will capture your senses and many others

It is a worthy experience will make you wonder about Egyptian's abilities for keeping their dead bodies in its form for many centuries. it took two years to complete the first and second hall built in the shape of the old king's graves with very faded glim lighting, the rooms are on the upper floor and one of them has 11 corp recently discovered. catch your breath because it's going to get scary!      


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