Opera Aida Verdi | Opera Aida In Egypt

Verdi opera or as it is called opera Aida is an international event held in the capital cities of Egypt with a different theme. If you are passionate about classic art, opera and theatres, definitely you'll be in Love with the magical performance and the spectacular effort spent to organize such huge event. last year the opera took place inside the Pyramids of Giza platform  with a capacity of 1500 to 5000 guests discussing the theme of ancient Egyptian kingdom with such colorful pharaonic inspiration design which is unusual for opera shows but this year will be in Luxor city at Hatshepsut temple on 26 &28 October.


Opera Aida Verdi 

Opera Aida Verdi

The opera is from 4 acts tells a story of a Nubian\Ethiopian prisoner  Aida who her capture falls in love with her and forced to choose between his love or his loyalty to his pharaoh, the story gets more conflicted when the pharaoh's daughter starts to have some feelings for the commander Radamis. the theme of the opera is the conflict between love and duty reflected in each character in the ancient kingdom of Egypt and the plot rises even more when the pharaoh king wants to kill the commander of the Egyptian army Radamis because he found out about their escape to Ethiopia.

The creator of opera Aida is Giuseppe Verdi who was commissioned by Khedive Ismail and it was first set at Cairo’s Khedivial Opera House in 1871 to celebrate the opening of the opera.


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