Nubian Villages

Deep south of Egypt where Aswan city, you'll find that Aswan is surrounded by many Small islands and Nubian villages on the west bank. The Nubian villages is such a cheerful  sight for being painted with bright colors, and inhabited by Nubians whom  population doesn't exceed of 100,000. They speak their own Nubian Languages and have specific traditions that are different from rest of Egypt. Their origin goes back to Africa and Sudan when they traveled in antiquity to south Egypt for farming around the Nile. The Nubian Villages are considered to be Aswan city attraction and perfect for half Aswan day tours if you are passing by the city.


Nubian Villages

Visiting a Nubian village is must when traveling to Egypt. Between all Aswan attractions, this could be the only trip that will capture your heart in all meanings. The Nubian people are so friendly and overwhelming, great hospitality will be waiting for you in one of the Nubian family houses. They have dark skin and speak a language called Nuba or Nubian. Some said they consider their language as very sacred custom of their own and refuse to teach it to any foreigner.  The Nubian houses are made of mud and often colored blue or orange. Palm trees and gardens are everywhere; they raise chickens and goats mostly in their farms. Some locals if not farming, they would live from selling handicrafts and women drawing Henna for tourists. Such a wonderful trip for adults, kids and all ages.


Nubian Culture facts

Nubian women have really proud heritage, and they could be the reason behind Nubian culture being alive until now. They like to show off their crafts and sell traditional food. They still wear traditional customs and make Nubian jewelries to wear and sell for the tourists.  they are the Nubian women who keep their culture survive, they keep telling their children ancient Nubian tales and stories, teach them traditional Nubian dances and songs and marry within their own. Nubians still affected by ancient Egyptian believes. They thought the crocodile body hanging over the house door can protect its people from the evil eye, and that’s why you will probably find crocodile mummified bodies all over the village's doors. Fish men hunt the crocodile and stuff them with straw while keeping their mouth open and hang them on their houses. They even draw crocodiles everywhere and can keep one or two locked in a cage for tourists to take pictures with. The Nile crocodile was worshiped in the time of the pharaohs as evil, envy and war god named Sobek, and that’s why Nubians mummified the crocodile to prevent evil things and adopted it as a tradition.  


How to get to Nubian villages

The villages are located minutes away from Aswan center; you can reach it by taking Nile small boat or felucca to get there. It is not hard at all. If you are visiting the Nubian villages under the management of our company travel to Egypt, we'll provide all your transfers to the desired destination. another way to reach the beautiful villages is by motorboat across the Nile, it wouldn’t take more 40 minutes depends on your location. You can enjoy the stunning sunset while sailing to Nubia, breath some fresh air and enjoy the sight of the Nile.When the picturesque village start to appear in the water, that’s the beginning of your wonderful tour where you can shop for spices, souvenirs and food as well.