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Aswan is a Nubian city in the south of Egypt located on the east bank of the Nile river connected to Cairo with train stations, railways and domestic flights,its population almost about 900,000, The city of Aswan is about 85 meters above sea level, it is 879 km from Cairo and its area about 34,608 km2 .


Aswan City

The city also known as the land of gold because it was like a huge necropolis for the pharaohs and their treasures for thousands of years. The originals of Aswan are the Nubian representing 30% of the citizens and they speak their Nubian language the rest are Arab came after the Islamic invasion speaking Arabic language.

Aswan is the land of beauty and charming, the icon of the middle east, characterized by its warm climate and rare plant islands, also there's rock Nil islands around the city extended from the high dam to the north of Edfu ,some people of the Nubian villages and islands counts on farming and handmade items as a source of living and  some already took place in governmental jobs ,not only the main city of Aswan that has full services but also the surrounding islands provided by hospitals ,schools and transportations, some of the island are uninhabited because its considered to be a archaeological areas like the crocodile island and elephantine island which was a region linking the South and the North in the trade between Egypt and the rest of Africa. Aswan also considered as the main gate of southern Egypt beside Luxor city and a huge economical source for the country.


Aswan history

Aswan was known as "Sonu" in ancient Egyptian times and meaning the market where it was a commercial center for convoys coming from and to Nubia, pharaohs used to ship the pink and black granite stones and lime stones all from Aswan to built their pyramids as queen Hatshepsut did to build her temple and obelisks. The importance of this city started to show up since the ancient kingdom when pharaohs wanted to assure the safety of the southern borders of the kingdom, it was also a center for military army and played a special rule during the war against heksus. during the roman era ,old fashion Egyptian design temples were constructed while the roman were very admired by the Egyptian mythologies and gods, emperor tragan built a small temple in order to get closer to the Egyptian people at Philae island where The temple of Isis is the main temple in the collection of Philae Temples in Aswan, Philae derived its name from the Greek word Philo, meaning loving or love, in reference to the temple dedicated to commemorate the love of the sincere wife of her husband who was  betrayed him by his brother set, the god of evil.

Then, at the early Christian period, Christianity spreaded all over the country in the fifth century and the temples turned into churches .after that came the Islamic innovation and Aswan became a very important learning center and three schools were established in the sixth and seventh century.


Aswan attractions

In addition to the richness of nature in the Egyptian city, Aswan is full of the ancient pharaonic civilization and many touristic destinations including pharaonic, Islamic and Nubian.

·         The Upper Dam

·         The Aswan reservoir

·         The Tabiya Mosque

·         The Nile Museum

·         The Princess Ferial Park

·         The West Suhail area

·         The Nile Islands

·         kom ombo temple  

·         The twin Temple of Abu Simbel

and some areas on the banks of the Nile in Aswan, is an attraction for the tourist who visits the city to practice the hobby of swimming, despite the depth of water along  the course of the river, but parts of it is suitable for swimming, and sailing boats also, as well as travel to visit the islands of plants, museums and temples on the islands of the middle of the river, such as

·         The Temple of Philea

·         Elephantine island

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