Egypt in Words

Planning for your dream trip to the land of the pharaohs the land of secrets and magic, and want to walk like a pharaoh? then you need to know and gather up some information to know what you are going to see even though whatever you going to read about is nothing compared to what you are going to see and experience. So let’s start our journey to discover the land of the pharaohs and the land of the first civilization.


Egypt In Words

Egypt is considered as one of the remarkable countries due to the richness of its history and the significance of its position between the other countries. Over the years Egypt has had named by different names with different languages due to the richness of its history. Egypt is well-known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. During the ancient Egyptian they used to name it Kemet, and it means black and it was called that due to the richness of its black soil which came as a result of the Nile’s annual flooding process. The yearly Natural event did result in the fertile land which was one of the main factors for the land’s expansion and spreading the Egyptian culture with the other countries. So when you visit you are going to notice that the Egyptians (locals) name Egypt as Misr.

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General information About Egypt

Egypt is located in the northeast part of Africa and covers around 1,001,450 km2, also well known as the 3 rd most populous country in Africa and number one in the Middle East with a total population of 99,897,945 based upon the latest updates from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. Due to Egypt’s exceptional position on the map Egypt is well known as one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Egypt Kingdoms

Since ancient Egypt and the land of the pharaohs were divided into two regions or Kingdoms they were called Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The terminologies of Upper and Lower Egypt came as a result of the flow of the Nile River. If you go to the north you will find what we call the Lower Egypt where the Nile stretched out with its several branches to form the Nile Delta. If you head to the south you are going to be located in Upper Egypt which is stretched out to Aswan.

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Egypt Religions

-Egypt recognizes officially three Religions, Islam which is Egypt’s religion-state due to the Religious believers 

-Holds the Evangelic and the Protestant. Egypt Hosts a considerable number of historical Churches due to the minority of Christian Egyptians who are living in Egypt some of the most magnificent yet the oldest Churches can be found in the area of Old Cairo. And

-the Final Religion is Judaism and their population in Egypt is around 2% only. 

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Capital Of Egypt

Cairo is well-known as the capital of Egypt, also well known for its touristic attraction locations. Cairo city is remarkable with the pyramids of Giza which are considered as one of the remarkable world wonders. The Pyramids are considered as the fourth dynasty temples which were considered as one of the country’s major highlights. The Pyramid of Khufu is well known as the largest among the group. Directly behind the great pyramid is the solar Boat Museum which displays one of the ceremonial solar barks unearthed in the area that has been painstakingly restored to its original glory. Then we do have the Pyramid of Khefre which comes as number two after the largest one and finally the smallest the Pyramid of Mencaure. The pharaohs thought that they needed to guard those temples so they thought about building the Lion Bodied and Pharaoh-face Sphinx which is considered as one of the ancient world’s iconic monuments. Also, Cairo holds more tourist attractions locations as the Egyptian Museum with all its treasures which only shows the greatness of ancient Egyptian history. Al Azhar Mosque also located in Cairo and it was built during the Fatimid era, it’s considered one of the finest mosques in Egypt. Another touristic attraction located in the capital of Egypt is Old

 -Cairo holds a huge portion of the Christian history in Egypt. Yet Cairo holds endless interesting touristic attraction locations that are waiting to be explored.


-Talking about Cairo as the capital of Egypt leads up to mention the oldest capital in Egypt which is Thebes or in another word or how we name it now a day’s Luxor which is considered as an open museum with all its temples starting from Luxor Temple to

-Karnak Temple to the Valley of the Kings and more. When we mention Luxor we need to mention Aswan with its magical scene and islands and the Nubian village and the high dam. 

-All and more are waiting to be explored in the Country which holds the first civilization in history. A country that wakes up each and every day with a new discovery about a civilization that humanity should be proud of.

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