Khan El Khalili the oldest market in Egypt

Khan El Khalili bazaar in Egypt is the oldest market of the middle east for handmade Christmas ornaments and handmade gifts, this huge Cairo bazaar located in the center of Islamic Cairo, the bazaar attracts foreign tourists and Egyptians alike, housing a lot of mini bazaars and traditional coffee shops, the market inspires many through the ages such as the Egyptian intellectual author Nageeb Mahfouz who wrote some of his famous novels in the street of khan El Khalili.


Khan El Khalili bazaar


Khan El Khalili bazaar history

the Fatimid kingdom and the mamluks period 

Khan El Khalili dates back to more than 600 years ago and named after its founder the Mamluk prince and well-known merchant (Jerksy al Khalili) during the Mamluky the period in 1400, at the Fatimid kingdom it was a massive necropolis for the Fatimid princes and sultans, but then came their first enemies and competitors the Mamluks who took over Egypt and replaced the royal necropolis with the bazaar. Merchants traveled from all over the world with their goods and centered in the El Khalili market to offer and sell their merchandise. The Arab historian (al maqrezy ) described the bazaar as a huge square-shaped yard with stores, mini bazaars and houses.


Al fishawy coffee shop


 Al fishawy coffee shop founded in 1769, one of the oldest coffee shops in the middle east , after having your walk through the halls of the bazaar that covered with black shiny basalt stone you can have a seat in al fishawy to try Arabian coffee and shisha while watching the sunlight sneak through the wooden ceilings and reflects the shine of the jewelry and golden antiques.

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The crafts and festivals of khan El Khalili bazaar


The architectural beauty of the bazaar

 you have to take a look at the balconies of the old houses decorated by copper designs, the old water basins for the thirsty passengers and passing by merchants, the crafted handmade shops and the wooden ceilings that challenged time and erosions.


El Khan Crafts 

The Khan includes traditional crafts, hundreds of workers and artisans who specializing hand made masterpieces such as carpets, crystals, papyrus, gold and silver jewelry,it is also famous for beautiful pharaonic artifacts, handicrafts, various stones,natural herbs and incense oud imported from Saudi Arabia, abrasions made of Stained glass and hookah (Arabic shisha).The Khan has a place dedicated to leather and copper products and historical accessories such as swords, copper helmets and belts, in addition to the pharaonic papyrus with hieroglyphic signs and paints that tells the story of Isis and Osiris.


Khan El Khaili festival 

The carnival of Khan El Khalili visitors is a kind of a celebration where you can try the Bedouin customs and take some photos, women of all nationalities make sure to buy Ein Horus necklace, The necklace is made of various materials was believed hat the eye of Horus protect its owner from envy and harm and the customer has only to determine his demand according to His financial means.

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