top 3 itineraries for Nil river cruise

top 3 itineraries for Nil river cruise

 We always make sure to bring Egypt to you in most outstanding way by operating one of a kind Egypt Nile cruise packages and making your trip easier by all means. In our opinion, to enjoy a few days in Egypt, it has to be arranged and planed before. That's why travel to Egypt operation team is making effort to deliver organized programs for Nile river cruises. We feel like our rule is to guide and advice you in choosing Egypt tours that get along with your demands and financial abilities. If you are planning to book Nile river cruise in Egypt soon, this article will help you by discussing top 5 itineraries for Nile river cruise.

Why Nile River cruise?

Egypt has fascination for travelers worldwide. Everyone is interested in ancient Egypt civilization and Egypt has countless monuments and ancient sites on the Nile banks that worth visiting. The Nile bank extend along the whole country which make Nile cruise holidays are common and highly requested. Nile river cruise is much better than going on regular day tours for many reasons. One of them is to avoid crowded traffic and cities' bustles. You get to visit your favorite's touristic sites without being annoyed by the noise and chaos of the mega capital cities. Another benefit of River Nile is getting to see the daily life of practices of some Egyptians locals farming and fishing. It is hard to find travel agency features Egypt not offer Nile river cruise. 


Nile river cruise programs

Our Company has an amazing operation team that organizes multi options for Egypt Nile cruise packages and through this blog we going to recommend best itineraries for Egypt Nile

cruise holidays.

The classic one is operated in 4 days and not less to cover the main attractions of Luxor and Aswan. You can start from Luxor or Aswan as you request. If you have an extension to one of the red sea cities after the cruise, you'll start up cruising form Aswan firs. Start by visiting the two banks of Luxor city. On the first day, you will visit the east bank of Luxor where the great complex of Luxor and karnak temples. Ancient Egyptian priests believed that the west bank is the gate for the afterlife and where dead should be buried. The East bank was dedicated for worshipping gods, and all the worshipping temples were found there. The temple complex is dedicated for the sun god Amun and they were once connected to each other by halls of small sphinxes. If you want to know more about karnak and Luxor temple, we have already blogged about it. In the second day, you'll visit the west bank which is full of funeral temples and royal tombs for pharaohs and monarch family from the middle and new kingdom. Visit valley of the kings, valley of the queens, Hatshepsut temple and colossi of memnon. Usually, Nile cruises are full board and you start touring in the early morning after having your breakfast. On the third day, you will pass by Edfu and kom ombo small towns to visit the erected temples there. Last day of the classic Nile cruise will be in Aswan where you'll visit most of Aswan attractions. Aswan city is mainly consists of Nile islands and Nubian villages. The city enjoys very clean atmosphere and very low population which is a good thing being in quite place. Part of the population is called Nubians. They have their own traditions and speak their own language. It will be very nice to make a trip to the Nubian villages in Aswan and get to explore new culture. Aswan Philae and elephantine islands are the most popular amongst the others for hosting pharaoh's temples. Also you'll gt to visit the high dam and lake Nasser. 


The second itinerary is our favorite in which you'll get to discover Cairo and its attractions before flying to Luxor. You'll land in Cairo and stay there for two nights or three. The first day you'll have Giza day tour that includes visits the three pyramids of Giza, sphinx and the valley temple. The second day you can call it Cairo day tour, you'll drive to downtown Cairo and visit the Egyptian museum. Then, drive to old Cairo to check khan al khalili bazaar, the citadel, Mohamed Ali mosque and the streets of old Cairo.  During your discovery trip in Cairo you'll be escorted by a guide of course and usually companies include traditional lunch meal between the visits. Finally, you'll fly to Luxor city to start sailing from there to Aswan passing by all he attractions in an amazing 4 days. If you seem to like this tour already, you can check Cairo, Aswan and Luxor by Nile cruise package. Operated by travel to Egypt team.


Last but not least, we have the third Nile cruise itinerary for you. This one is much longer than the two mentioned above, but it is highly requested in seasonal holidays like Easter, Christmas and new year holiday.  Get ready for long duration holiday with intensive program includes Cairo and Alexandria tours, Nile cruise in Luxor and Aswan, and beach vacation in one of the red sea cities.  Alexandria is the second capital in Egypt after Cairo with very high population. The city is fine example for well preserved Roman monuments outside Italy. You'll find Roman theaters, columns, statues and museums. After finishing your tours in Cairo and Alexandria, You'll fly to catch up your Nile cruise, and this time you'll start cruising from Aswan and end up in Luxor. from Luxor you'll drive to Hurghda or Sharm to start your beach vacation. The red sea cities are the world's paradise with iconic diving sites and protectorates. A lot of activities can be done besides diving like safari trips. If you are planning to a long duration holiday you can check this 12 days pyramids, Nile and Hurghada package.     

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