Aswan Attractions

"the pearl of the Nile"  that’s how the charming city of Aswan called , which enjoys the beauty on the banks of the Nile and characterized by the charm of nature in the far south of Egypt

 It is also seen in the beauty of the Nile River, where rocks, sand and greenery lie on the banks of the Nile Valley, in addition to the brightly colored Nubian houses, along with the spread of green gardens, museums and archaeological temples on both sides of the Blue Nile

Aswan attractions have been able to attract the attention of millions annually to both inside Egypt and from all over the world, which has increased the rates of tourist inflow. Aswan not only characterized by the beauty of Nile islands and nature but also rich of pharaonic monuments such as Abu simbel temple, Philae temple , the high dam ,horus temple and kom ombo temple


Elephantine Island

The island of Elephantine is one of major Aswan attractions floating on the Nile. The island in 12000 meters situated in the center of the Nile. It had an important strategic position of protecting the southern borders of Ancient Egypt, and during the 6th dynasty which meant more than 3000 B.C, ancient Egyptian kings constructed a fortress on the island. In addition it was the cult center of god Khnum and the dwelling of his temple.   Elephantine island The island is full o...
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Nubian Villages

Deep south of Egypt where Aswan city, you'll find that Aswan is surrounded by many Small islands and Nubian villages on the west bank. The Nubian villages is such a cheerful  sight for being painted with bright colors, and inhabited by Nubians whom  population doesn't exceed of 100,000. They speak their own Nubian Languages and have specific traditions that are different from rest of Egypt. Their origin goes back to Africa and Sudan when they traveled in antiquity to south Egypt...
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Nubian museum Aswan

Aswan, south of Egypt, is the home of a wonderful culture called Nubia. Nubians people have their own traditions, language and life style. Their culture was a result of ancient Egyptian and African culture engagement, when the South Africans migrated up to Egypt and settled there in the time of pharaohs. They still practice some of their own traditions which are deeply related to ancient Egyptians until our day. We have discussed their life style in details in the Nubian villages article, ...
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Aswan high Dam

    Aswan High Dam is a stone fill dam situated at the northern bank ...
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