Christmas in Egypt

Egypt is a perfect destination in seasonal holidays for having many capital cities with countless attractions. Spend a worm and golden Christmas by the pyramids instead of staying at snowy weather. A lot of travel agents now are paying attention to Egypt holidays for being rich in attractions and touristic hotspots. The key for spending amazing memorable Christmas and New Year in Egypt is by selecting trusted travel agency.

 Travel to Egypt is always working for your safety and pleasure, and absolute committed to offer you unforgettable holidays. Our experienced operation team and expert tour guides will bring the ancient world legacy back to life by organizing irresistible itineraries for your Christmas in Egypt. People are different, some of them would like spend Christmas in fancy restaurants with friends and families, others would like to go for adventurous exciting holidays besides some tours in cultural sites. However, Egypt as a touristic destination combines all of this within its cities. Nothing better than walking in Cairo old streets and visit its old bazaars, mosques and churches. Or you can take a Nile cruise to visit all the pharaonic temples and tombs in Upper Egypt. If you wanted to get things more excited, we advise you to book one of the red sea cities beach vacation. Don't get confused, we'll guide you through this article to spend Christmas in Egypt in the bet way.       


Christmas in Egypt

Holidays are all about adventurous and fun tours to some of the most highly requested cities in Egypt. As a backup for fayed travel company, we are already one step ahead and provided a whole category for packages with different itineraries, durations and prices. We have been now in tourism platform business for many years and completely aware of our customers' demands. Since our humble beginnings, we dedicate all of our efforts to meet with our client's demands by operating wide range of tours.

The country is a stunning destination for seasonal holidays, and that's why many travel companies have created categories for Egypt tours. Most of the travel agencies display their packages through their online website, and usually have special and higher prices for being peak seasons. We try as much as possible to offer different prices that can suit those who want to go for luxury tours or Egypt Budget Tours.



Warm golden Christmas

Some of you know one or two famous places in Egypt like the three pyramids for Example, but the rest are not completely aware of the many magnificent attractions that each city host. So, if you are asking yourself what are the places you'll visit in Egypt this Christmas, here are some suggestions. packages usually starts with Cairo and Giza day tours where you'll visit the three pyramids, sphinx, the valley temple, the Egyptian museumSalah El Din citadel, the old mosques and churches in old Cairo. Cairo and Giza cities have cold weather during the season of Christmas, but you can still enjoy the sun and feel the warmth at the morning. Many adventurous activities you can do after visiting the three pyramids. You can go for sandboarding, quad biking and camel riding by the pyramids. Each activity will last from half hour to two hours with a guide by your company. In some Christmas packages, we offer free photo sessions in the Giza plateau by the pyramids and sphinx. Usually, before we end this intense day tour, we go to local restaurant in the surrounding area to try out traditional food. Most of our Egyptian traditional food is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. You can check our traditional Egyptian food article for more details.

 Cairo day tours and Giza are not done yet. There are other spectacular pharaoh's sites and pyramids in the cities, like Sakkara, Dahshur and Memphis. These sites are very old pyramids built even before the great pyramids. Sakkara is considered the oldest stone structure in the world, and Memphis was the old capital in ancient Egypt before Thebes (Luxor city now). This magical historical Christmas can't be completed without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo where the treasury room of Tutankhamen and the mummy exhibition. The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in valley of the kings, and it was the first tomb discovered by its full collection. You definitely don’t want to miss seeing this in your Christmas.

If you want to get more spiritual, you can go for Coptic Christianity tour. You will be amazed when you visit the old churches and monasteries in old Cairo. Christmas is celebrated in Egypt on 7th January, but the churches get decorated on 25th December with Christmas trees and colourful festive ribbons. We highly recommend the hanging church of virgin marry and saint George church.        


Christmas by the beach

Christmas season has always been special. It is that time of the year when family and friends gather together and spend awesome time. Some people prefer to spend Christmas by the beach, but it is hard to find a warm place to get your clothes off in and get tan during Christmas. We would like to cheer you up and tell that the   red sea cities are sunny most of the year with very hot temperature in summer and warm in winter. So, it is not impossible to lie down on the soft white sand and relax by the sea water in January.

Egypt is not only about historic sites. It is also about fun beach vacation and water activities. As many of you know that the red sea cities of the East coast are ranked between the top best resorts and diving sites worldwide. Hurghada citySharm El Sheikh city and Marsa Alam city are heaven on earth for having such a unique echo system and environment. Beside, the amazing marine life deep downs the red sea where rare fish species and coral reef gardens. You can have an extension beach vacation after finishing your Nile cruise during Christmas tours.

Diving, or safari trips? Either ways, you will be having a life time experience.    


Christmas on Nile cruise

Christmas packages are reserved from July and August, or even earlier. This valuable occasion is quickly booked at the end of the summer or during spring to guarantee your visit to Egypt before all Nile cruise cabins are booked out. tours are usually spent in upper Egypt that contain Luxor and Aswan cities , beside some day tours in Cairo or one of the red sea cities.


 Aswan city and Luxor city are two enchanting destinations you cannot miss on Christmas. Aswan is mainly consists of rock Nile island and Nubian villages. You will be surprised by the clear air, low population and quite atmosphere. abu simbel temple is also part of Aswan with 3 hours distance from the center of the city. The temple was built by the great king Ramses the second, and it take a full day tour to visit this temple only. You'll stop by elephantine island which features the oldest nilometer, dates back to the third dynasty and the temple khnum. Moving to Luxor, the world's greatest open air museum. Luxor is divided into two banks. The west bank which ancient Egyptian priests thought it is the gate for the afterlife. So, they devoted the west bank for funeral temples and royal tombs. You will find most of the ancient pharaonic cemeteries on this side, like the valley of the kings, the valley of the queensthe valley of the nobles and Hatshepsut temple. the East bank, however, was devoted for gods and worshipping temples, and you'll visit karnak temple and Luxor complex which are dedicated to the sun god Amun. Luxor is a piece of art, you should try hot air balloons to see the city from above, and its amazing terrains.      

What Egypt holidays will make you experience? Literary, it will take you through all experiences, but mainly through the pharaonic culture and archaeological sites. You can make you journey even more exciting by taking hot air balloon to watch Luxor from above and its amazing terrains. Nubian villages in Aswan is one of the good options you can have in your Christmas or new year trip. The low population small villages are made of mud and stone cut, the houses are colorful and painted with palm trees and crocodiles, the air is fresh and clear. The Nubian people speak their own languages and have their own traditions. Such a cleaver option to plan visiting Nubian villages.